Robbi Wymer

Visual Artist . Art Therapist

My Artist Practice

I live in a green, tree-filled environment filled with wildlife. They are my inspiration. They connect us to our natural world. The bird's and animals spirit, their unique songs and behaviours and their colours are a timely reminder to us all, to reconnect with the powerful force of nature that nurtures our soul and reminds us of our mortality.

In my artwork I ask the viewer to reflect on the place where nature resides, in our hearts and minds, how we might find the time to immerse ourselves in its vanishing world and how we might reconcile where humanities progress and technology fits in our lives. We need to find a connection with our natural world and strike a balance between our needs and the needs of our environment.

I also volunteer for WIRES as a wildlife rescuer and carer so the imagery that enters my art leaps in from the window of my world. I am an artist and an environmentalist. I put these two passions together and what appears on the paper is my art.

I predominately use mono-printing onto paper. I then stitch the paper with embroidery thread, score into the paper for a textural line and paste images from cut up monoprinted artwork to create a layered and complex image.

I am currently working in Sydney as a visual artist and an art therapist with Fourish Australia and St Vincent de Paul. Previously I was employed as an illustrator and textile designer between 1990- 2010


1984-85          1 year of Bachelor of Arts study / University of NSW

1986-88          3 years of Bachelor of Ed (art) study / City Art Institute (now COFA, UNSW)

1990-92           Advanced Certificate in Art and Design / Perth TAFE, WA

2008-10           Master of Art Therapy / University of Western Sydney, NSW

2015                         Cert IV Training and Assessment / St George Community College, NSW


2017                       Exhibitor at 2017 Bird and Wildlife Expo, Sydney

2016                   Fishers Ghost exhibition, Cambelltown Arts Centre, NSW

2015                               Sydney Children's Hospital Art space, group show. Randwick NSW

2015                              Waste to Art Warringah Art Prize Exhibition, Warringah Creative Space NSW

2014                               WABA Inc Wildlife art @ Discovery Exhibition, Canberra ACT2013          

                                Fisher's Ghost Art Exhibition, Cambelltown Arts Centre.

                                Arthouse Hotel solo exhibition, Sydney NSW

                                Drawn to India group show, Toowoomba Qld

2012                   Ascent of Man solo show, Queen St Gallery, Woollahra NSW

                                Skillset Art Exhibition Flannery Centre, Bathurst NSW

2011                   Generation X group show, ESP Gallery, Marrickville NSW          

                                 Postcards from the North group show, ESP Gallery, Marrickville NSW

                   The pineapple cafĂ© group show, Sheffer Gallery, Redfern NSW

                   From streets to shore group show, Salerno Gallery, Glebe NSW

                   Clifton's art prize Exhibition, Sydney, NSW

2010                   Remnants & Fragments group show, Blank Space Gallery, Darlinghurst, NSW     

                   Summer Moments group show, Art Moments Gallery, Bondi NSW

2009                   Moments of Improvisation solo show, Art Moments Gallery, Bondi NSW

2008                           Figurative moments group show Art Moments Gallery, Bondi NSW


2014                    Wildlife art @ Discovery exhibition 'Best emotive theme' art prize, ACT


2011                    People's choice award Clifton's art prize Exhibition, Sydney, NSW